Artistic Director Stephen Barlow looks ahead to our first opera for 2017, Verdi’s Macbeth

The Five Sisters - Scotland

Verdi’s career clearly shows three periods of development and inspiration, described as early, middle and late. As with Beethoven, when Verdi was a younger composer, he composed tightly within forms that were prevalent where he was brought up, studied and was inspired by, forms that Rossini took to their apogee, the famous Bel Canto era. Macbeth belongs to Verdi’s early period. But whilst keeping to the structures and aesthetics of bel canto the composer was beginning to develop innovations in colour through his inspired orchestration and in psychological insight, and breaking down formal aria and cabaletta for greater dramatic effect. Drama was Verdi’s primary interest, exciting visceral theatre his aim. Macbeth follows the well known doom-laden story and elicits from the composer some of his most electric music within a frequently frightening soundscape. For the Festival I have chosen the very first original version of this opera, premiered in Florence in a smallish theatre not unlike the Buxton Opera House. When the opera was performed in Paris, as usual the opera house management and their audiences demanded ballets and much more flamboyance. But the concise original version is more powerfully taut, and less often performed now which is a great shame. Elijah Moshinsky who made his worldwide reputation with his productions of Verdi, especially the earlier works, will direct for us. In their pomp at the ROH Elijah and his revered colleague Edward Downes especially wished to produce this version there, but it never happened. I’m delighted that we can to some extent put the record straight by producing this lesser known version in Buxton, with a wonderful cast and with all the drama writ large in the intimacy of our special opera house. I am looking forward personally to conducting this production enormously, having conducted often many of Verdi’s operas but not Macbeth.

Stephen Barlow, Artistic Director

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