Kathryn Harkup and Hugh Fraser at Buxton Festival 2016

This year, we welcomed Kathryn Harkup and Hugh Fraser to the 2016 Buxton Festival to talk about Agatha Christie and the poisons she uses in her novels. Still not sure whether to buy Kathryn’s book or missed Waterstones at this year’s Festival? Take a look at this lovely review by Anna Caig who attended the talk.

My sister and I went to see Kathryn Harkup speak about this book at the Buxton festival, in conversation with Hugh Fraser who played Captain Hastings in the BBC David Suchet Poirot adaptations. Murder geek heaven. I have to admit that most of the people I spoke to about my plans for that afternoon seemed to think that going to a talk on the use of poisons in the novels of Agatha Christie was an unusual and surprising way to spend my time. Even those who enjoy Christie do not necessarily want to indulge in this level of specialist exploration of plot minutiae. In the words of my brother-in-law’s friend who was visiting them for the weekend: “Wow, your wife has some pretty niche interests.”…

 Read the full review here.

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