Buxton Festival Book Weekend 2016

Since our ‘Goodbye’ to Buxton Festival 2016, there has been a lot of the post-Festival blues feeling. One minute the town is full of company members, singers, musicians, writers, speakers… The next, they all seem to have vanished into thin air! However, the Festival spirit lives on, and we are getting ready for our next event – our Buxton Festival Book Weekend which runs from 18-20 November!

This will be our third Book Weekend, and we are very excited by this year’s programme. We hope we can tempt you! On Friday 18 November at 12 noon, we will be joined by Melvyn Bragg who will be talking about his most recent book Now is the Time which explores parts of Plantagenet history. At 14.00 we will be joined by William Sitwell who will take a look at rationing and food supplies during the Second World War, and Lord Woolton’s (Minster for Food) key role. At 16.30 the Poetry Competition Awards will be announced. In case you didn’t know, the deadline has been extended to 26 September – get your entries in now folks! Following the awards, An Evening with Ben Fogle will commence at 19.30 with stories about Land Rovers, the British Isles and wildlife encounters from his latest book Land Rover. On Saturday 19 at 12 noon, we will be joined by Simon Jenkins who will take us on a journey around Britain exploring some of the nation’s most magnificent cathedrals. At 14.00 Matthew Parris will explore scorn and put-downs from his most recent book Scorn: The Wittiest and Wickedest Insult and Invective in History. Next up, any Game of Thrones fans? (I’m only just on to season 4 so no spoilers, please). Join us at 16.00 when Helen Keen will explore the science behind the popular TV series. At 19.30 David Bramwell, John Higgs, James Burt and Jo Keeling will present an inspiring medley of Antarctic exploration, literary hoaxes, wild avant-garde art, time travel and the world’s largest underground temple… To round things off, there will be a Literary Lunch at 12 noon on Sunday 20 November, featuring writers Matthew Dennison on Beatrix Potter and Marina Warner with A Short History of Fairy Tale

Tickets are available now. Check out the Festival website and book now! 

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