Guest blog: Carol Bowns on Kaleidoscope Choir

Kaleidoscope Choir is looking forward to sharing the songs they have been working as a Buxton Festival Fringe event.  The main aim of the choir is to meet and have fun singing together rather than learn work to create a programme for a performance.  Some of us feel that creates unnecessary pressure, and yet…!  We’ve worked hard learning to sing in parts and create harmonies.  Quite an achievement that is worth letting others hear.  So we hope we have achieved a happy compromise with our showcases which we run like an open rehearsal.  It’s a chance to let an audience hear how we learn and remember our songs to bring them to performance level.  We also make sure there are opportunities for the audience to join in and find out how much fun it is singing together.  This was particularly moving when we visited patients and their relatives at Cavendish Hospital.

We rehearse Tuesday lunchtimes in the Dress Circle Bar at Buxton Opera House which is a lovely, intimate space – almost too much so, as with growing numbers, we’re beginning to feel a bit cramped!  But it’s a treat to hear comments from people who have heard us when they have visited the box office or passed by on the concourse.  With administrative and financial support from Buxton Festival, this is a valuable outreach collaboration between the two organisations.

Our Fringe event is on Tuesday 12 July, 1pm at United Reformed Church (Fringe venue 55).

Carol Bowns Kaleidoscope Choir Leader

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