As Seen On TV

This week the Kaleidoscope Choir have been filming with the BBC for a forthcoming episode of Escape to the Country. Regulars to daytime TV will know that Escape to the Country follows city dwelling house-hunters on their quest to find a rural idle. This episode guides a music loving couple around the highlights of the Peak Districts’ property market, including a visit to Buxton Opera House to sample entertainments that their new life may offer. Kaleidoscope Choir will be seen welcoming the house-hunters to a rehearsal on the Buxton Opera House stage. Our 30-second moment of fame was the result of an hour or so of takes and re-takes, during which we repeatedly belted out an Hallelujah round that will now stay firmed embedded in our heads for weeks to come. Although we’re not heading for Hollywood just yet, the choir did all really enjoy the experience and look forward to seeing ourselves on the small screen in about six weeks time. Stay tuned!

Claire Barlow Outreach Manager

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